Oregano and Its Health Benefits

Oregano And Its Health BenefitsOregano is known as a food spice to add on your pasta recipe and other Italian dish. But do you know that aside from being a spice for your food, it is also known to really keep your body healthy and away from diseases? It is probably one of the most potent plants out there that could almost cure anything. Well, of course we can’t say cancer and AIDS (we wish), but the common colds, influenza and even headache could be addressed by this nature’s wonder plant. It is easy to grow as well, because it would only require a little amount of sunlight and just make sure that it is hydrated as well. You can have it on your garden or kitchen area.

Among the benefits that you could get from oregano is its ability to heal respiratory ailments. Children with asthma could be alleviated when they drink this plant as a tea. Lots of people have testified the wonders it has made when it comes to cleaning up their lungs. For smokers, they can inhale and exhale easily with the help of this plant. You don’t need to dry them when you make them into a tea. Just wash the leaves first and make sure they are clean before you place them in boiling water.

The oil of oregano is the reason why it is so effective in curing known diseases. Although the medical industry won’t really suggest that these plants could “cure” and promise “cure,” the holistic or alternative medicine believers would want to think otherwise. But of course, the doctors won’t just want to give false hopes to patients. Holistic practitioners would recommend that you choose the natural way than go for pharmaceutical medicines. Even doctors would agree that 1 antibiotic is equivalent to one day of your life. That is actually something to really think about!

This plant is a gift from nature that everyone should maximize its use. It could also cure gingivitis and other gum problems. Halitosis could be gone when you gargle your mouth with the oil of oregano solution. Just have a drop or two of its oil and mix it along with water. Gargle it for a minute and your mouth would feel refreshed. Any bacteria living in your mouth could die by just gargling with it. But of course, we would still recommend that you brush your teeth! After all, that’s required for your oral hygiene.

It is best to expose yourself with all things natural and organic than jump into pharmaceutical medicines whenever you feel sick. Sometimes, those could even lead to a lot of side effects. Although we respect the existence of legal drugs, we would still advise that you check out alternative medicine because since they are natural, you won’t have to worry much about their bad effects to your body. You might not see that right now, but in the long run, the effects would definitely be visible. Find some oregano in a flea market near you and have it planted in your home today.

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