Fitness Tools

Health and Hygiene are one of the prime concerns towards your body. Another one is fitness. One cannot define one’s shape by simply doing the aerobics work because they are done to give you a lightweight feeling. However, burning fat and increasing your stamina can only be achieved by properly using fitness tools. There are various fitness tools that must be available in your gym. Let us take a look at them:

Fitness Tools1. Skipping ropes: A great calorie burner! You have to swing the ropes around your body in a circular fashion and skip it every time you jump. Skipping ropes have been proved to be very helpful in losing weight and getting back into shape.

2. Treadmill: This one gives a boost to cardiac functions in the body. On treadmill run as fast as possible to burn many calories and that will allow the heart to pump blood all in your arteries and veins. Treadmill also helps to burn fat and gives you stamina before you begin your strength training.

3. Gym Ball: This one is a giant ball made particularly of rubber. It is used in many aerobics exercise like twisting stomach, sitting and bending backwards to work out on abs. The gym ball is also used in half crunches exercise.

4. Butterfly Chest Tool: This is a machine workout, meaning mechanical. Decide what weight you would like to have and move your both hands in front of you having hold of two supported rods hung from the top of the machine. This exercise works for chest packs.

5. Metal rods: Another fitness tool, used in various exercises of biceps, chest, back. It has two ends to support free weights that can be lifted up and down. The weights, however, can vary from 2.5 kgs to 50 kgs one side. Indeed, it is one of the primary and important fitness tools.

6. Dumbbells: This one is mostly used because of its easy-to-handle-nature. It is a very likable tool. The weight varies from 1 kg to as much as 25 kgs. For girls, it is not advisable to lift dumbbells beyond two kgs but for men they can use it to almost 25 kg. Light weight will increase stamina while heavyweight will bulge muscles.

7. Vibration: This is purely a mechanical machine, the surface of which will continuously vibrate to burn your extra fat around Thais, waist, stomach and chest. It can be used by both men and women.

8. Paddler: Meant for both kinds of gender, this one is sure boost your strength and stamina. What all to have to do is just paddle the machine with the help of your legs provided the feet should remain attached to the base. It also is a cardio exercise.

9. Gym Cycle: Equipped with a distance measuring metre, this is another cardio workout in which you have to move the paddles of the cycle as fast as you can. The faster you ride more the calories will be burned.

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